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The Pictures @ Bardens Boudoir, 18/02/2009


I initially went down here a few months ago. It was awful, but I hoped they’d sort out the problems. I went down again this month and it was exactly the same. The following rant is a combination of both evenings.

Now I like to laugh at hipsters as much as the next man, but sometimes they are in such a concentrated state, all sharing the same serious stare, that pointing at trousers can’t shake of the feeling that you’ve been transposed in to a Shoreditch based remake of Village of the Damned. Admittedly they can’t actually kill you with their minds, but they do make you feel that humanity is fighting a losing battle.

The format is actually a pretty good idea. A few 2-4 minute blurry ‘art’ films which, may, or may not, have some kind of edgy sexual connotation. It’s hard to tell.

There may be a few slightly longer films, also often poorly made.

But, roughly, every fourth film has a few good ideas, or it may be well shot or have a sweet sentiment. There are plenty of good film makers around, but so, so many dreadful ones.

After that there is generally a longer documentary. The first time I went it was about the 80’s New York No Wave movement. The second was about David Berman’s splendid band ‘Silver Jews’ playing their first tour in Israel.

They seemed like well made, interesting films. It was hard to tell as I was surrounded by yattering dicks, bellowing about their pretentious lives. They only seemed to do this during the final film.

The people sitting forward in their chairs, straining to hear the film do tend to outnumber the dicks. But the dicks are louder.

They also have free popcorn, abstract bingo and some bands. I thought the DJs were great last time. They played They Might Be Giants at one point. It made me happy, but I share that niche interest.

It is a shame though. It could be very pleasant. Perhaps they just need to pin up a few signs reading ‘Please shut up. We’re trying to watch a film and your life isn’t as interesting as you think.’


  1. If you don’t like Hipsters, hanging out in Dalston or Shoretitch is possibly not the best way to spend your evenings.
    People talking through the films is highly irritating. There is a notice in the programme asking people to be quiet, but your notices seem like quite a good idea. All in all I like the night. It gives people a platform to show their work, ‘dreadful’, or not. I think that’s a good thing, and if you don’t like low budget or lo-fi films, then it’s probably not the night for you.

  2. The type of people that come to nights like this aren’t really ‘hipsters’, they’re more like normal people with slighlty fashionable dress sense. It’s hardly the Queen of Hoxton. Maybe you just don’t like young people?

  3. Pardon me if I don’t take lectures on hipsters from someone writing on a website that refers to Stoke Newington as “Stokey” and it’s “Post Pop Culture”.

    People talking during films is just annoying, it has little, if anything to do with their dress sense

  4. Hmmm… yeah, the tagline probably needs a bit of work, though I still find the whole “post pop” thing kind of funny. Any suggestions?

    What’s the problem with “Stokey” though? Everybody I know, old or young, pop or post pop, refers to Stoke Newington as Stokey, no?

  5. BenB

    3 March 2009 at 12:58

    Oooh debate!

    I live up the road from Bardens, thus I go out there. Should I move further north to avoid said hipsters?

    And you’re right. I don’t like young people, or people in general.

    I did say I think it’s a good idea. I like low budget films, that’s why I went twice. My main bugbear was the yattering.

    And sorry Tom, I’m with Robert on this one. Every time someone says Stokey I do a little bit of sick in my mouth. People from Tottenham don’t refer to it as Totty. I realise I’m in the minority in that opinion.

  6. Stokey Stokey Stokey… nah, I like it 😉

    Tagline issue sorted, now they’re randomized. Feel free to submit new suggestions via the contact form.

    Peace out xx

  7. Despite being born and raised in Holloway, I was appalled when the term ‘Stokey’ came to my ears 3 or 4 years ago. I was wondering why so many people in London came from Stoke-on-Trent.

    Anyway, ‘Stokey’ is just grim, though it sums up an area of North London that seems perversely proud that it hasn’t got a tube station.

  8. Boo hoo hoo, the free night with free everything didn’t live up to your expectations

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