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So, like, apparently there is a massive car boot sale going on this weekend at Abney Hall, right next to Booth’s…

If you have unwanted or unused stuff lying around that you don’t want to throw out but could sell, this is the place to sort you out.

 We’re off to check it out now, and you should too. Let’s buy some stuff we know we’ll never ever use but will love anyway. It’s what the kids do, so let’s all go and be 17 and in love with smelly clothes again.

 There’s also an advertising stand available for local businesses to  leave business cards & leaflets £5 per day/£8 for two and private tables are provided for at £25 per day or £40 for two.

A percentage of all proceeds will  be donated to a local charity.

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  1. I went to this and scored a blue hat with a feather in it. BARGAIN.

    Can you keep us posted on the next one Stereo Stokey? I’d like to have a stall and sell of all the ridiculous hats with feathers in them that I’ve purchased over the years…

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