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Sainsbury’s and Iceland on the High Street?

The Costcutter on the High Street (Shaheen, my favourite local shop, I have to admit) is currently having a Closing Down Sale of 30% off on everything apart from alcohol and cigarrettes, and it turns out that the reason they are closing down is that they have received an offer from Sainsbury’s that they simply couldn’t refuse.

And on top of that there are rumours that Iceland are taking over the site of the good old Woolworth.

So there you go: After all the protesting against Starbucks and Tesco we will now have a Nandos and Fresh & Wild on Church Street, and a Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Halfords, KFC and Morrisons on the High Street… and I’m sure McDonald’s are itching already.

I always used to say we should dig a moat around Stoke Newington. What’s left now? Is there any way to stop the tide of big chains setting up shop in our beloved N16? We already know that boycott doesn’t work cause people are lazy, and the bloody credit crunch isn’t helping small businesses either… anyone got any suggestions?

We’ll bring you an update once we know more about when Sainsbury’s and Iceland will hit us.


  1. spray catshit through their letterboxes every morning

  2. These chains are in business because people find their services useful, they probably aren’t the cheapest, but they know how to service people and make it convenient for buyers.

    I don’t like them much, and I would LOVE to buy from local mum and dad stores and eat in places that server good home cooked food. But

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