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Write us a new tagline and win a £50 ticket voucher…

You might have noticed that we’re a bit unsure about the tagline for Stereo Stokey (that’s the line you see under the logo on the top of this page), which is why we’re mucking about with some random ones at the moment. Obviously we’d like to change that, and thus we have come up with an awesome idea: You’ll do the work for us!

Here’s the deal: Come up with a brand spanking new tagline for Stereo Stokey by 20 March, and, if we choose yours, you win stuff.

Stuff in this case being a £50 voucher for use on Seatwave – The Fan-to-Fan Ticket Exchange. And we’ll throw in some other goodies too from the soon to launch Stokey Online Shop, where you’ll find t-shirts, hoodies, baby wear, mugs and all sorts…

We’ll announce the winner at the Stereo Stokey Launch Party on Friday, 20 March, at the Gold Bar, probably around midnight. You’ll have a last chance to enter your creations on the night as well but for now please use the contact form here on the site to submit your ideas.


  1. stocained and able

  2. “We’re stoked to be here.”

    “I’m stoked. You’re stoked. We’re all stoked.”

    “Do the Hokey Stokey and you turn around.”

    “Coming at you through both ears.” (or “…both eyes”, if you prefer)

    “Stoke Newington. It’s like Camden, just less shit.” (or alternatively, “…like Camden, but more awesome”)

    “It’s where the cool kids hang out”

    … erm, I’m sure I’ll think of some better ones given some time

  3. stereo stokey, where opposites attract
    stereo stokey setting the new tone
    stoking the new tone
    stoke the new tone
    stereo stokey, both sides of the box
    stereo stokey,the sound and the story (jane)
    stereo stokey the power and the story (l+j)
    stereo stokey, new in tone, new in town
    stereo stokey, new in town
    stereo stokey, new in tone
    stereo stokey, left and right
    stereo stokey, write sides
    stereo stokey, the church of the street
    stereo stokey, the write side of the street
    stereo stokey, more street than tarmac
    stereo stokey, high street fidelity (hi fi)
    stereo stokey, high street fidelities

  4. Okay… here’s an attempt to be creative.

    stereo stokey:

    Stoke Newington: heaven for sinners.

    ‘Cos sinners have to go somewhere.

    We deserve to be biased.

    It’s an N16 thing.

    Resident ramblings from N16.

    There’s no place like home.

    Once Upon A Time in a place not so far away…

    Stoke Newington – better than sex and chocolate.

    Exploring the Stoke Newington scene.

    Stoke Newington in the buff.

    Stoke Newington stripped back.

    Even God wants to ditch heaven for Stoke Newington.

    More than just babes in prams.

  5. Stereo Stokey,
    For every man and women-folky


    bit late now but there u go. btw, loved it last night well done!

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