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Oishiii Japanese Eatery – Japan finally comes to N16

After Yum Yum and Mercado Atique Choudhury has now set his sights on Japan. Oishiii, a Japanese “Eatery” (that’s a restaurant in old money), opened its doors on Stoke Newington Church Street last week, and we had a good look at it last night.

Oishiii - Salmon Nigiri and Tuna Hand Roll

Oishiii - Salmon Nigiri and Tuna Hand Roll

Oishiii looks great, no doubt about it. Everything from the big open kitchen to the toilets has been designed to look the part. I was quite worried that after the bland and overpriced food you get at Mercado Oishiii might have gone down another notch but I’m pleased to say that’s not the case.

The menu offers most of the standards you’d expect to find. No surprises there. We started off with a mix of Yakitori (barbecued skewers of meat or seafood) and Sushi, and then had a couple of mains with some sake to finish us off.

The Yakitori was good. Maybe the chicken was a bit dry but both it and the squid came smothered in sauce so it wasn’t too bad at all. The Sushi, and I know this is the biggest draw as it’s been notoriously absent from Stokey so far, was pretty great. The Salmon Nigiri was thinly cut and wrapped itself nicely around the rice, just the way it should be. The Tuna Hand Roll had a bit of a stringy bit on the Tuna but was also delicious, fresh, and a perfect balance of rice to yummy stuff.

The service was at this point maybe a bit over-eager… courses (as we thought of them) came in a bit too quick for comfort, but I’ve since been told that that’s my problem as there’s no such thing as courses for Sushi, Yakitori and Bento unless you ask for them. Silly me!

The Bento boxes (Teriyaki Salmon and Sirloin Steak) came with rice, Edamame, plain salad and some nice pickles. All in all everything was superbly done. The salmon was soft and juicy, not the dry and almost solid thing you get a lot these days. The steak was a bit too far gone down the BBQ road but then we didn’t ask for anything in particular, and the taste was great with just the right amount of pepper. We should mention that the mains are almost stupidly good value at the moment… £5.50 for the salmon and £6.50 for the steak. Get there quick before they notice their folly!

Oishiii - Salmon Teriyaki Bento

Oishiii - Salmon Teriyaki Bento

We finished the evening off with some nice Ozeki Ginkan sake (it was all Asahi before) which is how things should be in a Japanese “Eatery” (I’ll get over it sooner or later). Unfortunately there was no space left for deserts, but the promise of Green Tea ice cream and pancakes will definitely make us come again.

So how good is Oishiii? Are there better Japanese restaurants in London? For sure, and with much more varied menus. Is it worth leaving Stokey to get there? Nah, not really.

We came out happy and full, and our wallets weren’t that much lighter. Value for money is defintely great at the moment but we’ve got a bad feeling this might change sooner rather than later. Vegetarians will go home hungry by the way, maybe the one downside we could pick out.

A big thumbs up then, let’s hope Oishiii stays this way!

Now somebody please sort out the food at Mercado…

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  1. Oishiii (new sushi place stokey church street N16) WORST MEAL in recent history. Still starving, ripped off and pissed off…oshittiii

    I love sushi, but this was really bad. Skimpy sushi, nigiri and my salmon bento box was pathetic. The chicken teriyaki bento main was horrible, made using the cheapest watery chicken available to man. The sirloin steak bento was just about passable, but a bit chewy.

    So, washing it down with refill after refill of japanese tea, trying desperately to fill my stomach, my companion decided to risk a dessert. A very strange pancake thing that she had to send straight back.

    The place was really busy and buzzing, and I can only assume this is because it is new…or else people don’t know what they’re eating or don’t care.

    I will have to continue going into soho, to my favourite sushi place Misato. Really cheap, really filling…it’s only downside is queue out the door most nights.

  2. Well well well, what a fantastic place, something really different and exciting a great idea for Stokey….Sushi in Stokey!!!

    Been hearing about this place from a few locals, so I had to see for myself. Thursday evening my first impression was it’s an alive and buzzy place, decor quiet vibrantly calming. My partner and I were welcomed warmly as we were asked to be seated by the bar area, this is an area to sit and watch the action unfold in front of you.

    For starters we ordered an apple juice each and a mix of different dishes Prawn and Squid Tempura and Yakitori Chicken this was delightfully prepared in front of us while we watched the chef carry out his work. This turned out to be quiet delicious and suculently tasteful… to a good start!

    We followed up by portions of Sweet Shrimp Nigiri and Salmon Maki which watered our shacking taste buds with the mix of soya and wasabi sauce, mmmmm very nice in deed. The Japanese pancakes were very creative and amazing.

    A new gem for Stokey and I will be recommending it to all my friends.

  3. sushi on my doorstep? interesting idea. healthy, clean, fresh — something new in these parts.

    Stoke Newington: the new Downtown.

    I came away from that place satisfied yet hungry for more. Their raw fish was really pretty good – this ain’t Osaka ya know.

    And it kept my sweetheart happy so I aint complainin’ gentlemen.

  4. Really good food, yum!

  5. Sushi in stokey is a great thing and it really was missing, but this place has no idea how to make good sushi. a waste of money and a big let down. the other dishes aren’t great either, I’ve been there twice and always regretted it.

  6. Great find! Sushi in Stoke Newington! What more can I ask for? The food is great, tasty and good value for money. I’m happy I found Oshiiii this is undoubtedly an alternative eating spot for Stokey. Sushi is a speciality food and has acquired taste. I have ordered takeaways from Oshiii on many occasions and would recommend the restaurant it all my friends.

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