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Alistair’s Brasserie

Alistair used to cook in The Daniel Defoe along Church Street, and having often eaten there we decided to check out his new restaurant, also on Church Street. We went along on a Friday evening for dinner. Being the first ones in there initially, the place soon filled up and seemed quite a popular choice, so it looked promising for a good experience. The table service was quick and polite and the simple decor of the place was appealing. The wine list was good and the red we choice really tasty. However that is unfortunately where the positives end in the experience.

For starters we ordered the scallops and the salmon tempura. The tempura was fine, well cooked and nice enough, but my scallops were completley tasteless a bit rubbery and the salad complimenting them had so much dressing on it everything was swimming so it all went a bit soggy by the end! It also looked like salad you just get out of a pre-prepared bag. This salad became a bit of theme, and I noticed it on everyone elses plates too! We both ordered the sirlon steak and chunky chips as a main so I only have this to go on for the quality of the main courses. It came out really quickly, with the same salad again, it was cooked as requested but everything on the plate was so overseasoned we got through a jug of water in one sitting! There was salt in the mushrooms, salt on the chips, salt in the salad dressing again, it was just overpowering.

It was really disappointing as I had high hopes, but there are much better- and cheaper!- places to eat in Stokey. We had a fantastic meal at the new Japanese restaurant and Rasa is always brilliant. Alistair’s was quite full though when we were there so perhaps we just picked the wrong meals, as certainly some people seemed to be enjoying their evening; Maybe going from pub grub to high quality dining is too big a jump, or perhaps it takes a little longer to get established.

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  1. I am amazed by this review, perhaps you went on a bad night but it couldn’t have been more different from my experience. I’ve now eaten at Alistairs 3 or 4 times and the food and service has always been excellent. I can definitely recommend the belly of pork main or the steak, both were cooked perfectly and the seasoning was just right. I would also recommend the tomato gazpacho with basil icecream for starter. Compared with other places in Stokey that do similarish food (Fox Reformed – good food, but dull menu; Three Crowns – not worth going to now they’ve taken the rib of beef of the menu; the Prince – nice but small portions) the food at Alistairs is better, the menu more interesting and cheaper. I really hope that Alistairs keeps going as it is one of my favourite restaurants in Stokey.

  2. I agree with cj above. I have been going to Alistair’s for over a year now and I too believe that Alistair’s serve the best food in Stokey. I think LucyF needs to give ths guy another try!

  3. I am also totally amazed by the first review above, I recently went to alastairs restaurant for my work xmas do and everything was absolutely perfect, food, drinks and the service was all by far great. Infact I enjoyed it so much I am booking a table for my friends and I for my birthday.

  4. This place is seriously special – anywhere that serves trotters stuffed with sweetbreads as a starter is well worth checking out – a real bargain too! LucyF, get yourself back there sharpish and try the pigeon…

  5. The Japanese place is a waste of money if someone really knows how the food should be.
    Wasabi is given aside the sushi, but shouldn’t be hidden under the fish, the fried tofu is nowhere near as good as itto’s and the atmosphere in that place is hostile. If that’s what you call fantastic, then I can happily ignore your say on alistair’s.

  6. I have to agree with LucyF. Her experience mirrors mine very closely. Very nice, efficient and friendly staff, but the ubiquitous salad-from-a-bag, overdressed garnish on everything. The fishcake starter I had was huge – two big fishcakes, but very bland. Would have rather had one delicious fishcake which tasted of something. Everything else ok-ish, but slightly old fashioned in presentation, combination and finish. I’d like it if the food were simpler but more gutsy. This was nearly a year ago so perhaps I should give it another try. Still looking for an alternative to the Three Crowns, where I like the food but am constantly irritated by the VERY loud music. Ok in the bar, but when you’re paying restaurant prices I’d like to be able to hear the person sitting next to me. They’re always very good at turning it down, but 10 minutes later the volume creeps up again…

  7. Always good to read other peoples reviews and comments. But hope that any ‘not so good’ reviews dont put people off visiting this place. If you have not eaten their before then you must give it a try. If you have eaten there before and were disappointed – then try again – perhaps you or the dishes that night were not quite right. Am not a food junkie – but do enjoy eating really good food which is well prepared and presented. This place has never failed me or my expectations.

  8. It has come to our attention that Alistair’s are using the positive comments here as advertising in their window under the Stereo Stokey logo without any mention of the original article above. Bit sad really, isn’t it?
    To be clear, I have never eaten at Alistair’s so I don’t really have an opinion either way. Still, such selective quoting don’t seem right.

  9. Went to Alistair’s on Friday and had a fantastic time. The food was great, all 3 courses, and the staff were friendly and attentive. Based on my experience I’m surprised at the negative reviews that are on this site and I’ve done a bit of research and can only find one review outside of StereoStokey that is negative. I also can’t see why anyone would be surprised that a restaurant only posts positive reviews in their window. It’s not like other companies out there publish negative comments about themselves in their own advertising. Anyway, based on my own experience I would highly recommend a visit to Alistair’s. Try it out for yourself and post your own comments.

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