This is a fairly new, good old fashioned British chippie offering sit-in, take away and delivery.

As well as traditional fish and chips (in both kid and adult size portions), The Fishery offers fresh ‘catch of the day’ specials. You can even choose the piece of fish you want packed on ice at the front. Specials range from organic salmon to halibut to fish pie and cost around a tenner.

The place is run by the owners of the fishmongers further up the High Street, so the fish is always really fresh and chunky, non-greasy (if at my last visit slightly hard) chips complete the experience. You can even have a beer or a glass or wine, a nice change from the other fish and chip shops in Stoke Newington.

The surroundings are simple and non-pretentious, the staff is firendly and the food good – The Fishery is definitely a winner.

Let us know what you think… and what your favourite fish & chip shop in N16 is.

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