The Transition Town initiative aims to increase awareness, sustainability and self-sufficiency in the local community in an effort to address the challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil which we are all facing.

Transition Town Stoke Newington was formed in Autumn 2008 and is growing at a fast pace, aiming to encompass all members of the local community and hoping to also reach out to businesses.

Transition Town Stoke Newington meets every other Monday night at the Pangea Project to discuss ideas and concerns. Current actions include awareness raising at social events, gardening projects, film screening, plans for a food co-op, advice in home insulation… and whatever else people in the group have to offer each other.

We also meet for an informal social gathering on the third Thursday of every month, with live music, film screening and discussion.

If you are interested in the Transitiom Town movement then please visit our website.