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A Feast of Strangers

N16 Fringe is just around the corner but if your idea of a good time is somewhat more cerebral why not take a trip outside the hallowed Hackney boarders ‘gasp’ and try something completely different?

Theodore Zeldin, philosopher, historian and author, has invited all and sundry to share his birthday party in a Feast of Strangers. But be warned, this is a Feast with a twist, as instead of food the menu consists of ‘Topics of Conversation’.

The TreeHouse Gallery

The TreeHouse Gallery

The Feast is open to everybody – with the understanding that they will talk to someone they don’t know. Who knows, you might even meet a special friend. But if not, you will certainly get the chance to dust off your raconteur skills and come back to the borough with fresh insight and anecdotes to amuse and delight.

The TreeHouse Gallery where the party is taking place is a collaborative temporary art installation in Regent’s Park containing treetop structures (tree houses to you and me) and out-there orbitecture. Bring a picnic rug and food to share or if you don’t fancy trekking your picnic basket across town you can even pre-book a spread which will be provided by the Rambling Restaurant. Now that is civilized.

Oh and just so we don’t get loads of angry emails saying this post is totally off topic, the Feast organisers are a lovely bunch from Limina, who are based – you guessed it – in Stokey.

2:30 – 6:30, Saturday 22 Aug 2009
The TreeHouse Gallery on the north bank of the Boating Lake, London’s Regent’s Park, NW1 4RL

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  1. Arne N. Gjorgov, MD,

    3 December 2010 at 14:01

    Dear Sir:
    Read with interest your “Intimate History of the Humanity,” in instolments in “Nova Makedonija” daily, during March 2010. Besides my congratulations, I would like to remark that there seems to be missing in the primordial woman-man communications, the intimate (sexual) relations. According to my research, sexuality along with marriage and family is a profound biological union, with a vital physiological impact on woman, to health, life and reproduction.
    Hoping my belated message will reach you, with kind regards,
    Arne N. Gjorgov, MD, PhD (UNC-SPH, Chapel Hill, NC)
    Author of “Barrier Contraception and Breast Cancer,” 1980: x+164

    Additional sources of research data:
    ? Gjorgov AN Reproductive Health of Women: An Attempt to Define Breast Cancer Prevention. Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences, 2010; Jun. 15, 3(2): 169-179. Web:

    ? Gjorgov AN 2009. Breast cancer risk assessment to barrier contraception exposure. New Approach. Contributions Soc Biol Med Sci MASA, XXX, 1, 217-233. (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Web:

    ? Gjorgov AN Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa in Young Female Patients and Barrier Contraception Practice. Asklepios, International Annual of History and Philosophy of Medicine (Sofia) 2009; Vol. III (Vol. XXII, Old series): pp. 97-108. (Not in digital format; a pre-print is available from the author.)
    Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, December 3, 2010

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