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Time for some N16 Fringiness

It’s that time of the year again. N16 Fringe time. From 20 to 23 August 2009 all Stoke Newington (and a lot of outlanders) will come out and play at our pubs, bars, warehouses, galleries, cafes, churches and wherever else we can have fun.

N16 Fringe Festival 2009

N16 Fringe Festival 2009

Oh, and is there goodness in store for you… art from Billy Childish, music from The Cesarians, Morning Bride and the City Farmers, readings by Michael Rosen and Iain Sinclair, workshops with Pinball Geoff, DJing from Mr. Andy Weatherall, and so much more. And, best of all, almost all of it is free.

We have added most events to our events calendar by now, though unfortunately not everything is nailed down just yet so take it with a grain of salt and please let us know if you notice any glaring mistakes or ommissions.

Want some recommendations?

On Thursday we’ll be at the opening party that starts at Praxis Gallery in Belfast Road (yeah, me neither) with art from Martin Westwood, Billy Childish, Sadie Murdoch and others and then continues at Pangea Project with some great musicians till very late.

On Friday Iain Sinclair is reading at Stoke Newington Bookshop. Then later on we’ll be back at the Pangea Project for a night of Bringing It All Back Home with Mike Gibson & The City Farmers, The Washington Rays and Danny Chester.

Then on Saturday it gets really busy, and it’s kind of hard to tell what’s best. We’re looking forward to an afternoon at Unit E Leswin Place where there will be all kinds of goodies from The University of Obsolete Technology and Pinball Geoff’s In Arcadia¬† museum. Later on we recommend you head to The Others on Manor Road for the Countrier Than Thou Special with The Family, Slim Reaper & Her Magic Powers, and DJ Andy Weatherall.

If you are still able to see on Sunday there is fun all day again. Music at Ryans Bar and poetry at Lemon Monkey sound great, and then finally there is the grand closing party at Bardens Boudoir.

There you go, a busy four days ahead of us. Look for photos and reviews right here, though of course we might be too busy to put anything up before Monday.

See you on the other side!

,Martin Westwood, Billy Childish Sadie Murdoch


  1. Eek! Apparently Time Out has described the N16 Fringe as “one of the forthcoming weekend’s top events in London”. Quick, let’s build a moat!

  2. Hey folks, we have tried to get all the events in our calendar but you might be better off checking the official site at in case there are any changes.

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