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Oops, time for a little update: Unfortunately we got our facts a bit upside down. The cancellation of the Christmas bash was down to a licensing issue. Please have a look at Greg’s comment below to get the real deal.

Peace out.

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  1. Hi everyone, I run STK and I just wanted to clear a few things up. We have been working to reduce late night noise and I think we now have a better relationship with our neighbours. In planning our christmas party we took care not to put live music on past 10.30 and to close at 1am which has been our policy of late.

    I must stress that we received no threats or complaints from neighbours, and the reason for canceling the party was down to a licensing issue. We have to tread very carefully in that respect if we want to continue in a legitimate fashion.

    There are no more parties this year, but the theatre remains active with shows from the Factory, who will perform Checkov’s The Seagull on Sunday, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet on Monday. Then Washing Line Productions perform their new physical show Lisa Appleby from 15th – 17th.

    So there you go. Updated.


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