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Datte Foco – Pizza with a Twist

Yesterday I finally sampled the pizza at the latest addition to Stoke Newington Church Street’s Italian Connection, Datte Foco. As someone else has said before me, Datte Foco, which calls itself a “pizza and love joint”, is not like other pizza restaurants out there, and this might be the reason it took me so long to go after they opened in December. The interior is a functional affair somewhere between take-away, caff and restaurant, and the menu and concept takes a bit of getting used to…

Datte Foco - A Pizza and Love Joint

Datte Foco - A Pizza and Love Joint

Datte Foco serves pizza al taglio, sort of similar to Soho’s Maletti or Moorgate’s Mangiare… slices of pizza that are in this case prized by weight. The selection available also differs from what you get in most other pizza joints; you definitely won’t find pineapple here, thank you very much. The key here are original Roman creations with simple yet gorgeous toppings. It’s a great concept but it means that the first time you go you will need some time to figure out what your options are.

On the positive side the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful… I was immediately engaged in a conversation with pizzaiolo Herbie Leonelli about what’s best, how he is experimenting with new varieties (the printed menu doesn’t really help much as there are already new pizzas available, and others seem to have been abandoned), and, like, what that party of Italians had to say the other week, you know.

In the end I went for a gorgeously rich crostino salsiccia e porcini with sausage and porcini mushrooms as well as a more basic mushroom and ham affair. Two slices that were perfect to sate my after-work appetite came to £6 and were definitely worth every penny. The base was thick and fluffy with a crusty bottom and full of flavour, and the toppings were generous and absolutely delicious. I should probably mention that there are other things like lasagna, calzones and various sides available as well. I’ll add my experiences of these in the comments below once I have sampled more.

So all in all this is a great new pizza (and love) joint. Yet I’m worried about the presentation of their wares. While there is seating available it doesn’t look very inviting, and the lack of a functioning menu means that ordering pretty much requires pointing and having “a slice of that one please”. Datte Foco also doesn’t have an alcohol license which makes the evening cheaper but doesn’t exactly lend itself to a romantic date.

Guess we’ll have to see what happens but I wish these guys all the best of luck. The food is certainly more than just worth a try, so get yourselves down there and enjoy. And please let us know what you think…

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  1. I agree that Dattefoco doesn’t have the most inviting atmosphere. The seats inside don’t look like you’re meant to actually sit on them – more like a place to perch while you grab a takeaway. Also, the music can be really loud which doesn’t make the most conducive atmosphere to chat! Maybe it’s just me, but I like to know how much my food is going to cost before I order it, so I’m not too convinced by the concept of paying by weight. Having said that, the pizzas are lovely and the staff are really friendly. You can take your own alcohol in, if you wanted. I do hope they will be able to survive the tough competition for Italian food in Stokey – there are several other well established Italian restaurants on Church St already but Dattefoco does offer something a little bit different.

  2. I walked by a number of times so decided to go the other week. What it lacks in cosiness, is made up for a million times by the pizza. I generally tend to follow the natives and I could see plenty of Italians eating – they know where to go! Reasonably priced and the homemade ice cream was delicious. Will definitely be going back..

  3. Much as I love this place, there is a small problem if a delivery place does not pick up the phone! Unfortunately I have had to take my custom somewhere else for pizza.

    Let me know if this improves

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