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Long time friends and sometimes collaborators Charlotte Delaney and Alicia Graham are at it again, this time they are busy setting up a brand new community radio station in Stokey.

Based in the new Politi Arts studio, will offer a unique mix of music, talk, documentaries and radio plays – sort of a like a funked up Radio 4. Unlike some other internet radio stations, Reel Rebels will be broadcasting 24/7 and will offer programmes on everything from erotica to religion.

Musically the station will be showcasing an eclectic mix from flamenco to hip-hop, punk to world music with plenty of room for everything in between. There will be a chance to learn all about the history of Motown while grooving to the tunes and even an opportunity for local bands to get some airtime.

While the ladies are busy finalising the finer details of the line up, some of the weekly programmes that have been confirmed include: ‘Cooking by Candlelight’, ‘Girl’s Night In’ and ‘Alternative Health & Medicine’ which is presented by real witches. There will be serious documentaries like ‘Shelter from the Storm’ a programme about homelessness made by the homeless and arts shows like ‘Sound Scapes’ where DJ Suzukie Howitzer interprets the latest exhibitions with sound.

Launching on February 14th, Reel Rebels (as the name suggests) won’t be bowing down to the corporate Valentine’s machine by playing MOR mush as the first programme to air is made up of the sounds of women giving birth!

Both Alicia and Charlotte are long standing Stokey-ites who are keen to give a voice to local people. “We’re small on a global scale. We wanted to do something that would reflect the diverse community.”

So whether you are a writer wanting to serialise your debut novel, a poet looking for a creative outlet or a budding DJ get in touch with the girls. Wannabe contributors can call the station on 0208 8000 881 with their ideas or check out the website, which will go live on launch day for more details.


  1. First show is women giving birth ????
    A wonderful thing childbirth, but do they honestly think ANYONE wants to listen to any woman other than there own loved wife/GF giving birth ? Least of all on a radio show. Awful ! Shame, because the idea and concept sounds great, but surely attracting listeners is the whole point of the station ? In my experiance once you go past a radio station, you never return !

  2. Jono above should stick with radio 1

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