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What do you love most about Stoke Newington?

Stokey means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Which areas, things, places or characters do you love about living here in Stoke Newington, and what do you dislike, hate, avoid or feel is ruining it?

Becky Ford, a local resident and freelance graphic designer, is working on a project to create an alternative map of Stoke Newington as part of her Graphics Design MA, one that captures the spirit of the place through people’s experience of the area, rather than traditional landmarks.

Becky is in the process of collecting testimonials from local residents and would love your input! If you would like to contribute please email for more information or simply post a comment below.


  1. fave stokey places – abney park cemetary, lovely place you can almost feel like you’re not even in the city.

    alos the roti stop next to the train station sells amazing carribean food – great for a summers day with a beer

  2. Dom Zimmeman

    8 April 2010 at 14:27

    love stokey- the mix of people mostly quite friendly
    The restaurants and pubs are always a good time.
    Needs more street art, less shoreditch crowd, a local market open every day and more radicals.

    Best – Clissold minus the poor trapped animals, hands down best turkish food ever

  3. Tom

    8 April 2010 at 14:34

    Dr. Watts’ Mound, Abney Park Cemetery – Located in the North-West corner of the cemetery, this is a great quiet spot to hang out… though unfortunately it’s recently been getting a lot of attention from cruisers and other folk leaving rubbish.

    25 Belfast Road – This is the former site of the Octopus, where artists like Hot Chip, Super Furry Animals, Four Tet, Marc Shearer, Pete Fowler, Sluts of Trust, Voice of the Seven Woods, etc used to play the Mentasm parties. While the Octopus is no more, the immediate area still has good parties occasionally, and a great street festival once a year.

    Nandos on Church Street – The object of loads of well deserved hatred, and former site of the much loved Vortex and Front Room.

    Leswin Place – A great little warehouse complex that houses STK International, Basket House Village Universe and Pinball Geoff’s showroom.

    Aziziye Halal Restaurant – Below the mosque that also holds the butcher on Stoke Newington Road/High Street. Enter through the butcher or through a side door… well hidden away but great food.

  4. The mix+match warehouses by the pool, namely on Shelford Place and the other nameless off street just opposite the park – these hold hundreds of artists and stories and strong little hidden communities… Really worth exploring.
    More generally, I think a map that would show the three main following elements and the links between them would really make sense.
    – History and tradition in trade and craftsmanship,
    – Art and creativity within the community,
    – Greenery and parks and organic local produce…
    Great project anyway so good luck with it!

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