Hackney Gentlemen's Racing ClubWhatever plans you have for summer, chances are they won’t be quite as wacky as those of the Hackney Gentlemen’s Racing Club, a group of local residents who are competing in this year’s Mongol Rally, an automotive endurance race to Mongolia.

In July, the four friends from Stoke Newington who make up the team will attempt to drive a third of the way around the world, from London to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, in order to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

If driving through 18 countries on some of the worst roads in the world wasn’t challenge enough, the team are doing it all in a tiny 1 litre car, picked up off eBay for £700.

The HGRC's Kelisa

Would you want to drive this car to Mongolia?

And that’s not all. “We don’t have a detailed route planned, any real mechanical experience and don’t speak any languages” says one of the founding members of the club. However, they are confident they will complete the challenge; “We have spent hours tracking down the right car and equipment to ensure we get to Mongolia; there is no way we are going to let our charities and supporters down”.

The Hackney Gentlemen’s Racing Club is hoping to raise over £4000 pounds for a number of children’s charities, including: Haven House Children’s Hospice, The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, and The Esther Benjamins Trust.

Donations can be made by following the links on the team’s website, www.hgrc.org. You can also befriend them on Facebook and invite all your friends of course. The trip is totally self-funded by the team and all money collected from donations and fund raising will go directly to the charities.

The team are also looking for support from local businesses in Hackney and Stoke Newington. If you feel you could contribute to the rally preparation and fund raising through the donation of cash, equipment or services, please contact HGRC at admin@hgrc.org. Anyone handy at welding would be appreciated.