Tallulah RendallLast year we interviewed Tallulah Rendall about her first album, Libellus, which turned out to be a bit of a beauty. Now she is back at work on her second offering, and to finance it she has found an ingenious way of mobilising her fans and support a charity on the side. We caught up with her to find out how it’s going.

I wrote the second album, which is sounding much rawer and more up tempo than the first, whilst we were on tour in Japan, and in June we will go into Hookend Studios to record. This is being funded through profits from the first album. However, there are lots of additional costs that we are raising money to cover, hence I got involved with Pledge Music. All kinds of things are up for grabs, from signed CDs and a chance to be in our video to private gigs and personalised songs.

The response has been amazing. So far we have 23% of the amount needed, which is fantastic. Thank you everyone who has pledged their support so far.

The most incredible element has been getting to know the unbelievably generous people who have pledged, and their extraordinary stories. Money has been pledged by people with less money than me, and this is one skint little Rendall! People have pledged who themselves are trying to raise capital, in one case by a woman who needs a certain amount of money so that she can pay for injections that keep her alive. The fact that someone believed so much in me they spent money they truly needed brought me to tears. One other man who I have only ever met once after a gig has pledged £500. Even if we don’t meet the target the fact that so far 63 people have pledged their support and given their money so that they can own my next album is enough for me to believe that people really do want to hear my music, and that I am not daft in risking everything to make this project happen.

I have been getting up at 6am every morning and working crazy 16 hour days (no exaggeration) to get this project running – writing and chatting away to all the different creatives involved. My boyfriend wonders why I cant just make an album like everyone else!

As with my last album, Libellus, which was released in a 50 page hard back with paintings and photos on my label Transducer Records in June 2009, I am opening this album up to creative collaboration. Each song has been given to painters, photographers, jewelry designers, dancers etc. who will use it as a source of inspiration. Their artworks will feature in the album/book and be auctioned at the launch event this autumn, similar to the one at Café De Paris last June.

You can check out www.pledgemusic.com/projects/tallulahrendall to read about some of the artists involved, like Andrew Logan, Bex Rox and many more.

We are also filming our sessions at Hookend and all of the artists we are working with. Each artist and their song will be posted on my website over the coming months.

This is one of the amazing things about setting up your own label. You can embark on these amazing projects, work with incredible people, release an album however you wish, and – most importantly – create the style of music you want to create.

It just takes a lot of support from the people who enjoy your music!

The album is set for release early October. Tallulah has yet to commit to a name.