Just when you thought we had it all… along comes a man from Norway and starts offering salmon smoked in our own backyard.

Hansen Lydersen Smoked Salmon in Stoke Newington

Ole  Hansen-Lydersen has recently set up his smokehouse in Shelford Place here in Stoke Newington, carrying on a family tradition that has now lasted four generations in his native Norway. He and his wife Flora have a plan to provide London with affordable, fresh and perfectly smoked salmon, and they are off to a good start. Their salmon is delivered straight from Loch Duart in Scotland (though Norwegian salmon will be on offer in the future as well). It’s from a sustainable source, never touches plastic, never gets frozen, and (I had a chance to try some straight from the kiln) it really is divine.

Ole Hansen Lydersen in front of his smokehouse

Apart from providing his salmon to local restaurants (you can already sample his goods at Homa), Hansen & Lydersen are also offering a very convenient home delivery service in Stoke Newington and anywhere else in London’s zones 1 and 2. Check on their website for prices for whole and half sides. They keep for up to 14 days if stored correctly, so no need to worry about leftovers. In the future Ole is also planning to offer complete meal packages including bread, sour cream and other sides, so stay tuned for more.

Stoke Newington Smoked Salmon

Further plans include a presence at our own local Farmers Market, as well as at Broadway Market, and once he has got a more defined retail offering Hansen & Lydersen are planning to supply many more restaurants in the area. There are already talks in progress with The Fox Reformed, The Spence, Rivington Grill and Pizza East in Shoreditch, and even Peter Gordon’s restaurants. And if you fancy a chance of a sample they will also run a wine tasting evening together with our local Oddbins.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you want to order some salmon or fancy a quick tour of the smokehouse, get yourself over to the Hansen & Lydersen website