I just saw an article in the Hackney Gazette about 10-year-old Stokey boy Reuben Carter*, a student at Grazebrook Primary School, who has decided to give up his beloved screens (laptop, iPod, iPad and such) for Lent in order to raise money for Refugee Action. If that doesn’t deserve a mention then what does?

Please guys, skip one craft beer or even a fancy burger or other overpriced commodity and give this amazing little guy a hand. You can donate to Reuben’s campaign at www.justgiving.com/ReubenCarter.

Reuben Carter wants to help refugees

Reuben, super proud of you, hope you get a whole load of donations in return for your sacrifice!

* Oh, and what a name, btw… this might just be a coincidence, though – this being Stoke Newington – I doubt it, but you should read up on a certain Rubin Carter if you haven’t already.