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To make our site even more awesomer we have now added forums where you can discuss pubs, restaurants, events or anything else Stoke Newington. You can also post if you want to sell stuff or announce an event, are looking for a flatmate, lost or found something, got something nicked (or nicked something, I guess). Knock yourselves out!

Of course you can also suggest new forum topics if we missed anything. Just drop us a mail via our contact form.

This is only the first version of the forums by the way, so there might some little bugs… please be patient. You can log in with the same details you use on the main site but at the moment this automatically logs you out of the main site. Another thing we need to fix, but not a major issue I hope.

And now enjoy and start posting…

The Fishery Fish Bar – Posh Fish & Chips on the High Street

This is a fairly new, good old fashioned British chippie offering sit-in, take away and delivery.

As well as traditional fish and chips (in both kid and adult size portions), The Fishery offers fresh ‘catch of the day’ specials. You can even choose the piece of fish you want packed on ice at the front. Specials range from organic salmon to halibut to fish pie and cost around a tenner.

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Il Bacio and Booth’s – Like Coke and Pepsi

When you ask the average Stoke Newington resident (if such a thing exists) what their favourite pizza restaurant in Stokey is, chances are that they’ll pick Il Bacio. But then Booth’s seems to win a lot of awards recently, and I personally prefer their pizza. In fact, this was one of the dividing factors between me and my ex girlfriend… she rated Il Bacio, I always preferred Booth’s. Of course we would always go for take-away only, and that seems to be the crux of the matter.

There is no denying the fact that the Il Bacio restaurants (apart from the slightly garish Bacio Mare) are way more pleasant places than either Booth’s bar or restaurant. They are proper Italian restaurants, complete with Italian waiters and a cozy/bustling atmosphere. I don’t know what Booth’s do wrong, the bar is not a bad place in itself, but it seems to attract a very unattractive, loud and unpleasant crowd. Whenever I go there to pick up a pizza I can’t wait to leave. It makes one wonder…

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Oishiii Japanese Eatery – Japan finally comes to N16

After Yum Yum and Mercado Atique Choudhury has now set his sights on Japan. Oishiii, a Japanese “Eatery” (that’s a restaurant in old money), opened its doors on Stoke Newington Church Street last week, and we had a good look at it last night.

Oishiii - Salmon Nigiri and Tuna Hand Roll

Oishiii - Salmon Nigiri and Tuna Hand Roll

Oishiii looks great, no doubt about it. Everything from the big open kitchen to the toilets has been designed to look the part. I was quite worried that after the bland and overpriced food you get at Mercado Oishiii might have gone down another notch but I’m pleased to say that’s not the case.

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Stereo Stokey Needs You

It all looked so easy on paper: set up a website, write articles, become the number one online resource for the lovely people of Stoke Newington.

Turns out it’s not. Chasing writers is a full time job in itself, transcribing interviews takes ages (if you keep talking over the people you interview in a loud pub), and there are so many ideas for new website features still to implement.

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Stereo Stokey Merchandise and more…

We have just launched the Stereo Stokey Online Shop, where you can buy t-shirts, hoodies, baby wear, mugs and all kinds of other stuff. Whether you want to wear our awesome logo (thanks again, Matt) or other Stoke Newington designs, we’ve got you covered.

The idea is to open this up for other designs made by you very soon, so let us know if you’ve got something you think would look great on clothes, mugs, etc. You’ll be able to set the price for anything you have created, and you’ll get 100% of the commission of course.

Happy browsing!

First Blood – An Interview with local author D.C. Pae

D.C. Pae is a young author here in Stoke Newington, whose first novel, The Imperium of Steves, is coming out from Quartet Books on Thursday, 26 March (and the lovely people at Stoke Newington Bookshop have promised to stock it.) Getting published isn’t easy of course, so I caught up with her to see if I could get some advice for all you aspiring authors out there.

Stoke Newington author D.C. Pae

Stoke Newington author D.C. Pae

How long have you lived in Stokey?
I’ve lived in Stoke Newington on and off since I was at University, so 11 years, via East and West London. I always end up gravitating back. It has a great, relaxed atmosphere and the locals are nice, of course!

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Adventures in Striddyland – An interview with Astrid Brook

Astrid Brook is a local singer and songwriter, a generally lovely person, and probably as nice an urban hippie as you could ever hope to meet. I met up with her in The Lion to talk about her new album, her charity work in Sri Lanka and all things Stoke Newington.

Astrid Brook

Astrid Brook

How long have you been living in Stokey?
I’ve been living in London for 14 years, a long, long time, and I’ve been living in Stokey for 4 years now. I love it; it’s my favourite number one, tip-top place in London. There’s a great community here, and everybody always seems to know people who live in this area, especially creative people.

And what made you move here?
I lived in a warehouse in Manor House for quite a few years and then decided to move to a normal house in Stokey with some friends.

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Stoke Newington on Google Street View

Oh my, did they have to take the photo of our house when we hadn’t cleaned the rubbish out?

So here goes privacy… Stoke Newington (and a lot of the rest of London) is now on Google Street View, the application that has caused an outcry in the US before when people were being shown in their swimming pool, smoking outside work, etc.

Google's View of Church Street

Google's View of Church Street

They seem to have done a pretty good job at blurring out faces, number plates and similar privacy-sensitive stuff but our front garden still looks like a dump. Maybe I should have a word with them.

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Sainsbury’s and Iceland on the High Street?

The Costcutter on the High Street (Shaheen, my favourite local shop, I have to admit) is currently having a Closing Down Sale of 30% off on everything apart from alcohol and cigarrettes, and it turns out that the reason they are closing down is that they have received an offer from Sainsbury’s that they simply couldn’t refuse.

And on top of that there are rumours that Iceland are taking over the site of the good old Woolworth.

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