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Date(s) - 05/05/2017
20:00 - 23:59

The Others


A variety night of upcoming and visionary talent… an entertaining evening where you can WIN PRIZES! Entry includes a FREE raffle ticket with presents including the “Stranger Danger Shot round”

£5 before 9pm, £7 after, closes about midnight.

Featuring EROTIC POETRY from French chanteuse Anne Pigalle, BURLESQUE from Cheski Granger, SHORT FILM from Ben Slotover and Miguel Maldonado, UKULELE from Lord Hicks, STAND UP from Carmen Ali, TALES from The Travelling Talesman, CLOWNING from Luke Rollason, DJ Sphincter and more!!!

*Anne Pigalle*

Anne Pigalle, multi media artiste, probably more known as a chanteuse to some, will perform extracts of her latest CD, the Madame Sex art CD ( each cover is painted individually ). The press has described it in turns as romantic passionate vignettes of genius, as well as delicious little filfthy poems www.annepigalle.com

*Kheski Kobler*
Kheski Kobler is an Queerlesque Klown. This international cabaret performer blends surrealist comedy with glorious sexuality. Kheski will be performing her brand spanking new act for you at ProperGanda, so hold onto your hats and get ready to party!

*Carmen Ali*
Carmen Ali is a London based stand-up comedian and burlesque performer. She has been gigging for around 5 years with her own brand of dark and dirty comedy, discussing sex, dating, feminism, and politics. She has performed in two shows at the Edinburgh Festival, Nymphonerdiac in 2014 and Love Hate Relationship in 2015.

She also loves writing and has been published by Leaf Books, Female Arts, Rum Tum, Insider Trends, and Scarlet Magazine.


*Miguel Maldonado*
Miguel Maldonado is a Spanish London-based film-maker who works in several media formats (Super 8, 16mm, video).
Among his works there are experimental films, films based on poems and collaborations with musicians.


*Lord Hicks*
Lord Hicks may have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth but has been educated on the streets. An old-fashioned romantic, armed with only a ukulele and cut-glass diction he navigates 21st century life through the medium of song. His lordship has recently returned from tour in Belgium and is currently developing a one-man show to coincide with the 50 the year since the partial decriminalization of homosexuality.

*Luke Rollason*
The BBC is bust and the planet is too. But one (unpaid) intern, armed with obsolete office supplies and a surreal imagination, is bringing nature’s weirdos back to life. Welcome to Planet Earth III – a low-budget, one-man nature documentary.

Luke Rollason is a clown and theatremaker. He is performing his debut solo show Planet Earth III at the Brighton Fringe and the Offbeat Festival in Oxford this year. Other work as a clown includes performances at the Miller Theatre, Angel Comedy, Bear Funny Comedy, Scratch That Brixton, the House of Idiot, The Lost Cabaret, Aces and Eights Saloon Bar , the London Theatre and the Chelsea Theatre. Training includes work with Nola Rae, Dan Lees, Jon Davidson, Eric Davis and Phil Burgers.

*DJ Sphincter*
DJ Sphincter stands between heaven and earth, holding a poison-dripping sword. Identified with Satan, he is full of eyes, a diligent reaper, an old fugitive and wanderer like Cain, a beggar, a pedlar, an Arab nomad, a skeleton capering with sinners and misers in a juggler’s dance.