72 Stamford Hill
London N16 6XS
Phone: +44 7432 255357
Website: www.mascarabar.co.uk

The only bar around that’s always open late these days, and also the only one left in Stokey that has great random live gigs, spoken word and other events on a regular basis. Basically one of the last remaining pieces of the original Stoke Newington we used to love.

Really nice and vibrant bar then, though with some maybe slightly odd rules… good behaviour is definitely recommended and appreciated, but anything else can get you kicked out or barred at the drop of a hat depending on the mood of the staff, unless you’re part of that special crowd that gets away with murder and more.

They will never make you go home in the pouring rain though, or fail to look after you if you need looking after. Old school Stoke Newington, for sure!