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Never More Than Three Feet Away From A Pram

Franco Manca

176 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 7JL
Phone: 0207 241 4057

Local branch of a pizza chain, built on the ashes of the amazing original Brixton restaurant and its offspring (sold for an insane amount of money (£27.5m!)  to publicly traded Fulham Shore in 2015). Another chain restaurant to follow food chains Whole Foods, Nandos, Whetherspoons, KFC and Foxlow into our hood.

Good luck competing with Il Bacio, Zaza Express and the other locals.


  1. Ok, so I tried it, and the pizza is pretty good (though the base seemed to smell of plastic a bit?), and the wine is great for the price. I’ll still go for the locals… Il Bacio, Zaza Express, Apollo x

  2. I had very bad experience with Franco Manca. Staffs were not trained well. They have zero customer service. Do not advise to go there.

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