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Original Sin

129 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 0PH
Phone: +442072414148

New and rather busy cocktail bar by the people behind Happiness Forgets where the Question Bar used to be. Nice cocktails, but busy for our taste, and apparently in need of a bouncer which never exactly adds to the atmosphere.

The Waiting Room

175 Stoke Newington High Street (below the Three Crowns)
London N16 0LH
Phone: +44 207 2415511

A nice little no-frills live venue underneath the Three Crowns. The Waiting Room has a late license to 4am and offers some great live gigs as well as DJ nights.

Mascara Bar

72 Stamford Hill
London N16 6XS
Phone: +44 7432 255357

The only bar around that’s always open late these days, and also the only one left in Stokey that has great random live gigs, spoken word and other events on a regular basis. Basically one of the last remaining pieces of the original Stoke Newington we used to love.

Really nice and vibrant bar then, though with some maybe slightly odd rules… good behaviour is definitely recommended and appreciated, but anything else can get you kicked out or barred at the drop of a hat depending on the mood of the staff, unless you’re part of that special crowd that gets away with murder and more.

They will never make you go home in the pouring rain though, or fail to look after you if you need looking after. Old school Stoke Newington, for sure!

Fontaine’s Cocktail Bar

176 Stoke Newington Road
London N16 7UY
Phone: +44 771 800 0546

Quite possibly the best cocktail bar in Stoke Newington, Hackney and way beyond. Cocktails are amazing and not overpriced, the decor is stylish and not overbearing, and staff are all gorgeous and incredibly friendly.

There is a downstairs space that hosts various events, which unfortunately aren’t very well publicised on the website. You’ll have to go through a number of flyers to see if anything is on at a certain date.

Fontaine’s is by far the best place for a first date in our hood, and often pleasantly non-crowded… which is great for those of us in the know, but most likely not great for business, so while I’d like to say please don’t tell anyone, I’m not sure that’s fair.

The Others

6-8 Manor Road
London N16 5SA

There used to be the Mentasm parties at Octopus in Belfast Road, Stoke Newington International Airport, the Gunfactory Studios, Audio Underground, and so, so many other amazingly creative spaces. Left these days is The Others, the last (almost, shhhh, the rest is a secret) of the independents!

It’s not always open, and as a venue for hire events can be a bit hit and miss, but I have yet to have a bad night at The Others.

Check the website and get yourself down there. You won’t regret it.

Also, there’s a good game of pool to be had downstairs.

Manor Snooker Club

6-8 Manor Road
London  N16 5SA
Phone: +44 20 8809 6351

Great chilled out N16 version of Dalston’s Efes with much less stress, much more chilled out customers, a nice little smoking area out back, and great event space The Others right upstairs. Without a doubt the best place to play some serious pool in Stoke Newington these days!

Stereo 92

92 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 7NY
Phone: 0207 241 1579

Stereo 92 is a new café and music venue, offering food and live gigs. We’ll post a review once we’ve checked it out.

Opening Times:
10 am to 11:30pm
Closed Mondays

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