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Best of Stokey: Breakfast

Cafe Z Bar

Without a doubt the crown in Stoke Newington’s breakfast scene, and beating a huge and amazing line-up of contenders to the top, Z Bar offers the best Menemen in Stoke Newington, a huge range of amazing

Best of Stokey

Stoke Newington has a huge range of amazing restaurants and pubs to offer. From Newington Green to Church Street and the High Street, via lots of little roads in between, you are being spoiled by a choice and quality the rest of London can only dream of!

Ever opinionated, yet hopefully never unfair, we have decided to help you out and present our very personal selection of the best of the best.

We are fully aware a lot of our readers might disagree, and there are new restaurants and cafes popping up on an almost weekly basis. Feel free to comment, and guide us to rectify any mistakes we might have made. We will review these lists on a regular basis.


Italian & Pizza






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