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Stoke Newington boy raises money for refugees

I just saw an article in the Hackney Gazette about 10-year-old Stokey boy Reuben Carter*, a student at Grazebrook Primary School, who has decided to give up his beloved screens (laptop, iPod, iPad and such) for Lent in order to raise money for Refugee Action. If that doesn’t deserve a mention then what does?

Please guys, skip one craft beer or even a fancy burger or other overpriced commodity and give this amazing little guy a hand. You can donate to Reuben’s campaign at

Reuben Carter wants to help refugees

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The Hackney Gentlemen’s Racing Club – From Church Street to Mongolia

Hackney Gentlemen's Racing ClubWhatever plans you have for summer, chances are they won’t be quite as wacky as those of the Hackney Gentlemen’s Racing Club, a group of local residents who are competing in this year’s Mongol Rally, an automotive endurance race to Mongolia.

In July, the four friends from Stoke Newington who make up the team will attempt to drive a third of the way around the world, from London to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, in order to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

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Tallulah Rendall and the art of independently producing an album

Tallulah RendallLast year we interviewed Tallulah Rendall about her first album, Libellus, which turned out to be a bit of a beauty. Now she is back at work on her second offering, and to finance it she has found an ingenious way of mobilising her fans and support a charity on the side. We caught up with her to find out how it’s going.

I wrote the second album, which is sounding much rawer and more up tempo than the first, whilst we were on tour in Japan, and in June we will go into Hookend Studios to record. This is being funded through profits from the first album. However, there are lots of additional costs that we are raising money to cover, hence I got involved with Pledge Music. All kinds of things are up for grabs, from signed CDs and a chance to be in our video to private gigs and personalised songs.

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