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Bringing It All Back Home

I’m nostalgic for a time I didn’t live through, a time when music was a pastime and a passion not a means to stardom and fortune. A time when musicians played to the local town and maybe sometimes the next town across and they sang about what was happening around them and what was relevant to them and their audience. These times were not necessarily the best to live through or the most comfortable to be alive in but the music was pure and came only from the heart.

Daniel Chester @ The Lock Tavern

Daniel Chester @ The Lock Tavern

This is obviously a very simplistic and rose tinted way to look at the past and a very cynical way to look at the present. I do however believe that there are many great musicians playing good music from their hearts and with nothing but honesty and a desire to play as their motives. There’s nothing more compelling than someone on a stage completely engrossed in a performance and totally convinced by it them selves. And this is what I’m aspiring towards with Bringing It All Back Home. Continue reading

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There is a lot of greatĀ music in Stoke Newington. We have put together a list of the stuff you can buy.

Please use the links below to support both us and the artists. All albums andĀ tracks come either as CDs or as high quality MP3s that you can use on your Ipod or any other digital music player, no iTunes bullshit.

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