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Transition Town Stoke Newington

The Transition Town initiative aims to increase awareness, sustainability and self-sufficiency in the local community in an effort to address the challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil which we are all facing.

Transition Town Stoke Newington was formed in Autumn 2008 and is growing at a fast pace, aiming to encompass all members of the local community and hoping to also reach out to businesses.

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The Pictures @ Bardens Boudoir, 18/02/2009


I initially went down here a few months ago. It was awful, but I hoped they’d sort out the problems. I went down again this month and it was exactly the same. The following rant is a combination of both evenings.

Now I like to laugh at hipsters as much as the next man, but sometimes they are in such a concentrated state, all sharing the same serious stare, that pointing at trousers can’t shake of the feeling that you’ve been transposed in to a Shoreditch based remake of Village of the Damned. Admittedly they can’t actually kill you with their minds, but they do make you feel that humanity is fighting a losing battle.

The format is actually a pretty good idea. A few 2-4 minute blurry ‘art’ films which, may, or may not, have some kind of edgy sexual connotation. It’s hard to tell. Continue reading

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