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The Drop Opening Night

Phew… so only a couple weeks after the Butchers closed its doors to be turned into yet another gastro pub we now have a new late night venue in Stoke Newington. And, fear not, my gentle friends, I’m glad to be able to tell you that it is nothing at all like that fiendish place used to be.

The Washington Rays at The Drop opening night

The Washington Rays

The Drop is located just below the Three Crowns, just turn left instead of right once you get inside. It’s a bit of a box of a room with seating along both sides, a stage on one end and a bar on the other. There you have it, easy enough… you won’t get lost in here.

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Green Sundays (again)

Shake off the winter blues this weekend at Arcola’s Green Sundays. This month’s event focuses on ‘Well Being, Health & Happiness’. Discover what it would be like if the government pursued happiness as a national agenda, have a free massage, take part in fun and games or make your own facial products using ingredients from the larder.

The Audience at Green Sundays

The Audience at Green Sundays

As well as the usual live music and short films, you also have the chance to give your lungs a workout in a singing workshop, or if that isn’t your bag why not try the free laughing workshop – guaranteed to make you giggle.

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Time for some N16 Fringiness

It’s that time of the year again. N16 Fringe time. From 20 to 23 August 2009 all Stoke Newington (and a lot of outlanders) will come out and play at our pubs, bars, warehouses, galleries, cafes, churches and wherever else we can have fun.

N16 Fringe Festival 2009

N16 Fringe Festival 2009

Oh, and is there goodness in store for you… art from Billy Childish, music from The Cesarians, Morning Bride and the City Farmers, readings by Michael Rosen and Iain Sinclair, workshops with Pinball Geoff, DJing from Mr. Andy Weatherall, and so much more. And, best of all, almost all of it is free.

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Transition Town Stoke Newington

The Transition Town initiative aims to increase awareness, sustainability and self-sufficiency in the local community in an effort to address the challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil which we are all facing.

Transition Town Stoke Newington was formed in Autumn 2008 and is growing at a fast pace, aiming to encompass all members of the local community and hoping to also reach out to businesses.

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Bank Holiday Bonanza

Searching for some soul, or perhaps you’ve got beach babes on your mind… Whatever tickles your fancy you’ll find it in the north east enclave known as N16.

From drum ‘n’ bass to ska, there are discos, DJs, live music, karaoke, beer gardens, BBQs and even a bit of bashment. If you fancy some fancy dress, we got it! There is open mic, closed mic and even some friends of Mike. And don’t forget the free cakes. We’ve got it all. Even performance ping pong. Yep. You read that right.

Keep coming back to check out our events calendar – events are being uploaded all the time and there is always something new popping up. In fact we’re struggling to keep up with it all… arrgh!

Anyway it’s the Bank Holiday weekend, ENJOY!  See you on a Stokey dancefloor…

Plugged In, Switched On – Open Mic at the White Hart

Recently had the chance to catch up with affable Scotsman, Stokey local and familiar face around the bar and party scene, Iain Houston to find out what he’s been up to. Turns out he’s been busy setting up a new fortnightly event called Plugged In, Switched On at the White Hart.

Plugged In, Switched On - Ian Houston

Plugged In, Switched On - Iain Houston

First things first, how long have you been living in Stoke Newington? And how did you come to be here?
I’ve been living in Stoke Newington for eight years. I used to live in Finsbury Park before that but it seemed that all the best parties were here so I made the move. It was all sex, drugs and rock ‘n’roll – also known as the vibrant nightlife.

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Bringing It All Back Home

I’m nostalgic for a time I didn’t live through, a time when music was a pastime and a passion not a means to stardom and fortune. A time when musicians played to the local town and maybe sometimes the next town across and they sang about what was happening around them and what was relevant to them and their audience. These times were not necessarily the best to live through or the most comfortable to be alive in but the music was pure and came only from the heart.

Daniel Chester @ The Lock Tavern

Daniel Chester @ The Lock Tavern

This is obviously a very simplistic and rose tinted way to look at the past and a very cynical way to look at the present. I do however believe that there are many great musicians playing good music from their hearts and with nothing but honesty and a desire to play as their motives. There’s nothing more compelling than someone on a stage completely engrossed in a performance and totally convinced by it them selves. And this is what I’m aspiring towards with Bringing It All Back Home. Continue reading

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