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The Haberdashery

170 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 7JL
Phone: 0203 643 7123

Very lovely restaurant that mostly serves breakfasts late into the day. In a way there’s nothing for them to stand out (no special cuisine or signature dish or stuff) but everything on the menu is served to a very high standard, and even when it gets deservedly busy it never seems to feel crowded, rushed or uncomfortable. In a way every neighbourhood should have one.

The only thing we haven’t quite been able to figure out is what days they offer dinner and/or live music. Maybe that’s part of the mystery…


38 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 7PL
Phone: 020 7249 7151

Long standing and amazing Turkish* restaurant here in Stoke Newington. This place is as close to an institution as it gets in the area, and dishes are as good or better as in some of the hyped up alternatives.

*Most “Turkish” places in Stoke Newington are actually Kurdish, by a huge percentage, but that is not a subject I’m willing to touch in the context of a restaurant listing.


97 Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0UD
Phone: 020 7254 1025

Another great Turkish/Mediterranean classic here in Stokey. Good for breakfasts, lunches, dinner or just a coffee any time of the day. Very nice and relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and nice food.

Yum Yum

187 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 0LH
Phone: 020 7254 6751

Yum Yum is a very good and much hyped Thai restaurant here in Stokey, with a nice cocktail bar on the side. Food is very nice, but due to the size of the place things can get a bit busy, and it seems waiting staff (aka Chinooks) have been trained to turn over customers as efficiently as possible.

The owner, Atique, is a genuinely nice guy though, and I sometimes wish they could just go back to the times when they occupied the smaller and much more intimate premises of what is now the bloody Foxtons on Church Street.

Stokey Bears

129 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 0PH

Craft beer and burgers brought to Stokey in collaboration by Burger Bear and Bear Hug Brewing Co.

Stokey Bears offer a tight menu of their award winning burgers (with or without bacon jam), smoked meats, lovely beers on tap and in bottles, as well as an organic soda fountain and some awesome tunes.

Stokey Smoked Salmon

Just when you thought we had it all… along comes a man from Norway and starts offering salmon smoked in our own backyard.

Hansen Lydersen Smoked Salmon in Stoke Newington

Ole  Hansen-Lydersen has recently set up his smokehouse in Shelford Place here in Stoke Newington, carrying on a family tradition that has now lasted four generations in his native Norway. He and his wife Flora have a plan to provide London with affordable, fresh and perfectly smoked salmon, and they are off to a good start. Their salmon is delivered straight from Loch Duart in Scotland (though Norwegian salmon will be on offer in the future as well). It’s from a sustainable source, never touches plastic, never gets frozen, and (I had a chance to try some straight from the kiln) it really is divine. Continue reading

Datte Foco – Pizza with a Twist

Yesterday I finally sampled the pizza at the latest addition to Stoke Newington Church Street’s Italian Connection, Datte Foco. As someone else has said before me, Datte Foco, which calls itself a “pizza and love joint”, is not like other pizza restaurants out there, and this might be the reason it took me so long to go after they opened in December. The interior is a functional affair somewhere between take-away, caff and restaurant, and the menu and concept takes a bit of getting used to…

Datte Foco - A Pizza and Love Joint

Datte Foco - A Pizza and Love Joint

Datte Foco serves pizza al taglio, sort of similar to Soho’s Maletti or Moorgate’s Mangiare… slices of pizza that are in this case prized by weight. The selection available also differs from what you get in most other pizza joints; you definitely won’t find pineapple here, thank you very much. The key here are original Roman creations with simple yet gorgeous toppings. It’s a great concept but it means that the first time you go you will need some time to figure out what your options are.

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La Sera – Seafood and Parties

Isn’t it funny how you can live in a place for 10 years or so, and still there are locations you haven’t explored properly.

La Sera has always been one of those places for me. Tucked in between the Coach & Horses and the 24/7 Turkish supermarket, two of my favourite haunts in Stoke Newington, this seafood restaurant has gone unnoticed in the eight or so years of its existence – at least to me. I occasionally hear that the food is quite good actually, and Luca, the manager, is certainly one of the friendliest people in the Coach a lot of nights, but I’ve never made it inside.

But recently things have started changing, and now La Sera has the potential to become one of the more interesting locations in Stokey. You might have seen tables appearing outside, and every once in a while a large crowd of people seems to appear from out of nowhere. So I just had to ask… and Luca was more than happy to show me around.

The club below La Sera

The owners (who also run the Bricklayers Arms down in Shoreditch) have recently made some changes… opened the place up so that the downstairs bar is accessible from the restaurant, added a few nice touches like a big sofa in the front… and very soon now, with its new late license, you will find that there are some rather interesting club nights going on down in the bar. Well, actually, there have been a couple already… the Urban Voodoo Machine had a NYE party down there, and last Saturday Julien from Loser Superhero kicked things off with a Latin Rock party. Continue reading

Alistair’s Brasserie

Alistair used to cook in The Daniel Defoe along Church Street, and having often eaten there we decided to check out his new restaurant, also on Church Street. We went along on a Friday evening for dinner. Being the first ones in there initially, the place soon filled up and seemed quite a popular choice, so it looked promising for a good experience. The table service was quick and polite and the simple decor of the place was appealing. The wine list was good and the red we choice really tasty. However that is unfortunately where the positives end in the experience.

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The Fishery Fish Bar – Posh Fish & Chips on the High Street

This is a fairly new, good old fashioned British chippie offering sit-in, take away and delivery.

As well as traditional fish and chips (in both kid and adult size portions), The Fishery offers fresh ‘catch of the day’ specials. You can even choose the piece of fish you want packed on ice at the front. Specials range from organic salmon to halibut to fish pie and cost around a tenner.

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