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Tin-Tone’s Magical Guitars

All photos by Ben Hopper (

I’ve always loved guitars. Even though I can’t play to save my life I just can’t help but stop in front of music shops or any other collection of those beautiful shiny instruments. Imagine my surprise then to find a collection of the strangest and prettiest little guitars I have ever seen in a random window on our very own Church Street.

A selections of custom guitars at Jon Free's Tin Tone

A selections of custom guitars at Jon Free's Tin-Tone (photo by Ben Hopper)

Here lives and works Jonathan Free of Tin-Tone, who has been a musician with bands like Gin Palace, Penthouse, Country Teasers and The Cesarians for over 23 years, a live sound engineer for 10, and who has been building and repairing guitars for a very long time. The window in question is where you find his workshop, and what I found there was a little guitar magic…

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We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up

Although the ‘winter’ lights have been up for while and the shop-fronts are festooned with decorations, you can tell that Christmas is really just around the corner when the first real trees start to appear. But don’t fret if, unlike some of your smug Facebook friends, you haven’t finished (or even started) your Christmas shopping because everything you could possibly need can be found right here in Stokey.

From miniscule budgets to those with no limits, from obvious choices like a book token for the ‘impossible to buy for’ friend or scented candles and picture frames from Hamilton’s, to a truly unique one-off original Stokey has it all.

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Christmas Shopping – 15% Sale on Stoke Newington stuff!

We interrupt this site for a service announcement: If you’re looking for Stoke Newington t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc. to give away this Christmas you can now get a cool 15% off absolutely everything in our shop until 29 November by simply entering the code “NOVEMBERSALE” at check-out. Happy browsing!

Another drop in the OCEAN

Stereo Stokey says a sad farewell to Ocean Books on Church Street who, after trading for fifteen years, closed their doors for the last time on Sunday.

There is something special about bookshops in general and especially second-hand ones. It was easy to spend an hour or two browsing the great selection of second-hand books in Ocean. It is like diving into a treasure trove, you never knew what you might find… from the latest summer bonk-buster to a rare out of print poetry book by Leonard Cohen. Continue reading

Stereo Stokey Summer Sale – 15% off everything

I Rock StokeyWell, I guess it’s the height of summer so we might as well have a huge sale. Or rather, since it’s not been that much of a summer, maybe we’ll just give you a little sale…

Courtesy of our shopping partner Spreadshirt we can offer you 15% off everything in the Stereo Stokey Online Shop, as long as you buy at least one t-shirt or baby item (their rules, not ours). Simply enter the promotion code “SUMMER2009” when you check out and you should see the discount applied.

This promotion runs from 6 to 23 August 2009.

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Stereo Stokey Merchandise and more…

We have just launched the Stereo Stokey Online Shop, where you can buy t-shirts, hoodies, baby wear, mugs and all kinds of other stuff. Whether you want to wear our awesome logo (thanks again, Matt) or other Stoke Newington designs, we’ve got you covered.

The idea is to open this up for other designs made by you very soon, so let us know if you’ve got something you think would look great on clothes, mugs, etc. You’ll be able to set the price for anything you have created, and you’ll get 100% of the commission of course.

Happy browsing!

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