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Stereo Stokey Summer Sale – 15% off everything

I Rock StokeyWell, I guess it’s the height of summer so we might as well have a huge sale. Or rather, since it’s not been that much of a summer, maybe we’ll just give you a little sale…

Courtesy of our shopping partner Spreadshirt we can offer you 15% off everything in the Stereo Stokey Online Shop, as long as you buy at least one t-shirt or baby item (their rules, not ours). Simply enter the promotion code “SUMMER2009” when you check out and you should see the discount applied.

This promotion runs from 6 to 23 August 2009.

Click here to start shopping, my lovelies…

Stereo Stokey Forums are here

To make our site even more awesomer we have now added forums where you can discuss pubs, restaurants, events or anything else Stoke Newington. You can also post if you want to sell stuff or announce an event, are looking for a flatmate, lost or found something, got something nicked (or nicked something, I guess). Knock yourselves out!

Of course you can also suggest new forum topics if we missed anything. Just drop us a mail via our contact form.

This is only the first version of the forums by the way, so there might some little bugs… please be patient. You can log in with the same details you use on the main site but at the moment this automatically logs you out of the main site. Another thing we need to fix, but not a major issue I hope.

And now enjoy and start posting…

Stereo Stokey Needs You

It all looked so easy on paper: set up a website, write articles, become the number one online resource for the lovely people of Stoke Newington.

Turns out it’s not. Chasing writers is a full time job in itself, transcribing interviews takes ages (if you keep talking over the people you interview in a loud pub), and there are so many ideas for new website features still to implement.

You see where this is going… we need your help!  Continue reading

Stereo Stokey Merchandise and more…

We have just launched the Stereo Stokey Online Shop, where you can buy t-shirts, hoodies, baby wear, mugs and all kinds of other stuff. Whether you want to wear our awesome logo (thanks again, Matt) or other Stoke Newington designs, we’ve got you covered.

The idea is to open this up for other designs made by you very soon, so let us know if you’ve got something you think would look great on clothes, mugs, etc. You’ll be able to set the price for anything you have created, and you’ll get 100% of the commission of course.

Happy browsing!

Write us a new tagline and win a £50 ticket voucher…

You might have noticed that we’re a bit unsure about the tagline for Stereo Stokey (that’s the line you see under the logo on the top of this page), which is why we’re mucking about with some random ones at the moment. Obviously we’d like to change that, and thus we have come up with an awesome idea: You’ll do the work for us!

Here’s the deal: Come up with a brand spanking new tagline for Stereo Stokey by 20 March, and, if we choose yours, you win stuff.

Stuff in this case being a £50 voucher for use on Seatwave – The Fan-to-Fan Ticket Exchange. And we’ll throw in some other goodies too from the soon to launch Stokey Online Shop, where you’ll find t-shirts, hoodies, baby wear, mugs and all sorts…

We’ll announce the winner at the Stereo Stokey Launch Party on Friday, 20 March, at the Gold Bar, probably around midnight. You’ll have a last chance to enter your creations on the night as well but for now please use the contact form here on the site to submit your ideas.

Stereo Stokey Launch Party @ Gold Bar

Now here’s a bit of good news… we have teamed up with the lovely people at the Gold Bar to give Stereo Stokey a proper launch party.

On Friday, 20 March from 8pm to 2am DJs She-Ra and Horton Jupiter will make you dance your little legs off.

Between 8pm and 9pm Daniel Chester and Tallulah Rendall will be providing some live acoustic tunes, and keep an eye out for our tagline writing competition to win a £50 voucher from Seatwave that you can use for concert, sport or theatre tickets.

Watch out for flyers around Stoke Newington and check back here for more details soon. We’ve only just started planning and I’m sure we’ll think of some more good reasons for you to come.

You should add it to your Facebook Calendar.

This is Stereo Stokey

Right, and here we are… fresh out of the shower, smelling of daisies, skin still pink from the piping hot water. Which is also where the whole metaphor gets a bit silly, so I’ll stop.

Anyway, we’re ready for you now. The first article is online, a new logo will be added later today (if Matt gets his butt over here), and there is a lot more in the queue.

We’d love to hear from you… whether you add a comment or want to contribute a story, review, photo or anything else. Any help will be much appreciated!

Ta for now, peace out, hope to see you back soon!

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