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Beat the credit crunch at the Stoke Newington Indoor Car-boot & Vintage Sale

Being a bit careful with your cash due to crap economic climate or job security fears?   Or perhaps you are fed up of looking like every other Primark-clad clone?  Either way, come and have a browse at the Stoke Newington Indoor Car-boot & Vintage sale this Saturday, 16 May.

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Il Bacio and Booth’s – Like Coke and Pepsi

When you ask the average Stoke Newington resident (if such a thing exists) what their favourite pizza restaurant in Stokey is, chances are that they’ll pick Il Bacio. But then Booth’s seems to win a lot of awards recently, and I personally prefer their pizza. In fact, this was one of the dividing factors between me and my ex girlfriend… she rated Il Bacio, I always preferred Booth’s. Of course we would always go for take-away only, and that seems to be the crux of the matter.

There is no denying the fact that the Il Bacio restaurants (apart from the slightly garish Bacio Mare) are way more pleasant places than either Booth’s bar or restaurant. They are proper Italian restaurants, complete with Italian waiters and a cozy/bustling atmosphere. I don’t know what Booth’s do wrong, the bar is not a bad place in itself, but it seems to attract a very unattractive, loud and unpleasant crowd. Whenever I go there to pick up a pizza I can’t wait to leave. It makes one wonder…

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Oishiii Japanese Eatery – Japan finally comes to N16

After Yum Yum and Mercado Atique Choudhury has now set his sights on Japan. Oishiii, a Japanese “Eatery” (that’s a restaurant in old money), opened its doors on Stoke Newington Church Street last week, and we had a good look at it last night.

Oishiii - Salmon Nigiri and Tuna Hand Roll

Oishiii - Salmon Nigiri and Tuna Hand Roll

Oishiii looks great, no doubt about it. Everything from the big open kitchen to the toilets has been designed to look the part. I was quite worried that after the bland and overpriced food you get at Mercado Oishiii might have gone down another notch but I’m pleased to say that’s not the case.

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The Fox Reformed

Warm rolls with a hint of aniseed (so French), provide the accompaniment to some of the best meals I’ve eaten in Stoke Newington and actually, I’ve eaten most of those best meals in The Fox Reformed.

Succulent steaks slathered in peppercorn sauce, a fine Guinea fowl, the meat veritably falling from the bones. I must confess the only gripe I’ve ever heard about the food at The Fox Reformed emitted from my Mother’s lips as she pondered the quite small helping of fish perilously nestled on her creamed spinach but she had to confess that the taste more than made up for the small portion.  Continue reading

Bacio Mare

The demise of Maggie’s Bar a couple of weeks ago seemed to be a sure sign that the credit crunch had come to Church Street, but within days workmen were busy transforming the black exterior with a lick of fresh white paint and Bacio Mare was up and running.

The newest addition to the Il Bacio family has strayed from its pizzeria parents and launched itself as a seafood and wine bar. Upstairs the 80’s inspired interior has been softened with white chandeliers, comfortable chairs and a huge pin-up picture.  Continue reading

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