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The Birdcage

58 Stamford Hill
London N16 6XS

The Birdcage is back, and as far as we can tell it’s not bad at all, if a bit unaware of its history maybe ūüėČ

The general layout is back in place, the food looks good as far as we can tell… looking forward to reconnecting!

More soon…

Stoke Newington Tea House

102 Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0LA
Phone: 0208 712 1188
Website: (currently down)

It’s a pub, no matter what it says on the tin.

Decent new pub with a slightly silly name, a huge and somewhat forced seeming selection of teas, and an awkward table style bar where the Daniel Defoe used to be. Generally a nice update to the old pub with updated design and maintaining the nice garden layout, though the restaurant area in the back has all the charm of a motorway service station.

We haven’t tried the food yet, so will update this page once we have!

The Rose & Crown

199 Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 9ES
Phone: +44 207 2547497

A Stokey favourite for decent Sunday Roasts, the Rose & Crown also offers a great pub quiz (currently on Tuesdays), lovely staff, and cozy open fireplaces. Upstairs is a recently reopened, slightly pricey but totally lovely boutique B&B, the only one in the centre of Stoke Newington as far as we know.

Mothership to the Jolly Butchers and the Brownswood free houses.

The Prince

59 Kynaston Road
London N16 0EB
Phone: +44 20 7043 5210

The Prince has seen a major overhaul back in 2014 which now makes it seem almost twice the size as before. The modern pub food is great, and there is a small but interesting selection of beers and spirits. Unfortunately, its new size and lack of sound dampening can make it incredibly loud in the main room.

The small but nice garden is now covered when necessary, and generally a good place to hang out on summer days.

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 5pm-11pm
Friday: 5pm-LATE
Saturday: 12pm-LATE
Sunday: 12pm-10:30pm

The Jolly Butchers

204 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 7HU
Phone: +44 207 2542970

This place now belongs to¬†the folks behind the Rose & Crown. It has changed from being a toilet (aka Father Ted’s, Stokie’s Bar) to a proper free house that offers a great selection of beers and good food, including a nice German sausage platter. Roast prices have come back down to normal, but so have meat cut standards, we hear.

The Londesborough

36 Barbauld Road
London N16 0SS
Phone: 0207 2545865

The Londesborough has been around for a long time, and its latest incarnation isn’t far from what it was many years ago… which is a good thing: this pub¬†serves by far the best Sunday Roast and general pub food around¬†N16 every day of the week.

The only thing to¬†wonder about are the fairly random opening times. Any sign of a quiet evening and the Londesborough shuts down, and there are pretty frequent closures for various functions, so do check the website if you’re planning a date or some other important occasion, unless you’re happy to walk back up to the Prince.


71-73 Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0AS
Phone: 020 7481 6377

Foxlow is the family friendly/lower-key version of the Hawksmoor chain, so it’s steaks and their smaller siblings all round. Great location where Booth’s pizza and then the very similar to Foxlow but less formulaic Homa used to be.

A lot of my friends love the place, but unfortunately my experience wasn’t very nice, so I’ll shut up now. Please leave your reviews in the comments below…

The Three Crowns

175 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 0LH
Phone: +44 207 2415511

The Three Crowns is a bit of a beast of a pub on the corner of Stoke Newington Church Street and the High Street. Previously known as Bar Lorca, and recently taken over by the people who run The Monarch in Camden, The Stapleton Arms and Field Day (to name but a few) it has been given a makeover to hip it up in line with Stoke Newington’s ever continuing gentrification. The crew has stayed pretty much the same though, which is nice.

They serve some good food at a price in line with the pub’s location, and you’ll find a good range of cocktails on offer as well.

In the basement, The Waiting Room club offers some good parties and gigs.

Opening Times:
Monday to Wednesday: ‚Äď 12am
Thursday: ‚Äď 1am
Friday and Saturday: ‚Äď up to¬†4am
Sunday: ‚Äď 11.30 pm

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