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Rest in Peace, Rod de’Ath

Sad news today that Rod de’Ath, local legend, and pretty much part of the furniture at the Prince, has passed away at the age of 64. Rod used to drum for Rory Gallagher back in the 1970s, until his accident that cost him an eye and caused brain damage that meant he couldn’t drum anymore.

Let’s all raise a pint to Rod the next time, and every time we’re at the Prince!

Rod de'Ath

You can read more about Rod on Wikipedia…

Desperately seeking… Tony & Annette Paul

[Press Release] In early 1960 a brand new fountain was installed by Hackney Council on Stoke Newington Common.

The fountain was dedicated to Florence duVergier, the very first woman to be elected Mayor of Hackney, during the war in 1943. Originally a teacher, Florence duVergier was elected to be a Hackney Councillor in 1928 and mayor in 1943. Altogether she was a councillor for twenty-five years (1928 -53) and made a significant difference to the lives of Hackney people. She started the youth club on the Kingsmead Estate, and undertook substantial work in the fields of public health, housing and older people.

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Frank C. Bostock – The Animal King of Abney Park Cemetery

If you live in Stokey, chances are you have seen that beautiful marble lion in the cemetery. And if you haven’t, you should make your way there pronto. It’s majestic, I tell you.

Frank C. Bostock's grave in Abney Park Cemetery

Frank C. Bostock's grave in Abney Park Cemetery

The man who is buried there is Frank C. Bostock, and – even though the RSPCA would probably have a word or two to say to him – it seems he was quite the man. Continue reading

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