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Uncle Nam’s needs your help

The lovely people at Uncle Nam’s had an unfortunate incident tonight, where this sorry excuse for a human being did unspeakable things to their restroom, leaving them to have to clean up his mess… more in the Facebook post.

If you recognize this “man”, please contact either Uncle Nam’s or the local police.

Does anyone know this bastard? He just came into my restaurant, sneaked into our restroom and left a big mess while we…

Posted by Pete Doan on Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Stoke Newington boy raises money for refugees

I just saw an article in the Hackney Gazette about 10-year-old Stokey boy Reuben Carter*, a student at Grazebrook Primary School, who has decided to give up his beloved screens (laptop, iPod, iPad and such) for Lent in order to raise money for Refugee Action. If that doesn’t deserve a mention then what does?

Please guys, skip one craft beer or even a fancy burger or other overpriced commodity and give this amazing little guy a hand. You can donate to Reuben’s campaign at

Reuben Carter wants to help refugees

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Mini Cabs

Here are a few local minicab numbers for Stoke Newington. Ubers can be a bit sparse in N16, and black cabs don’t pass through often unless they’re on the way home…

  • Sam’s Cars, 51 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 8EL – 0207 254 4545
  • Eagle Cars, 206A Stoke Newington High Street, N16 7HU – 0207 923 1923
  • Premier Cars, 95 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0AS – 0207 249 9999
  • Diamond Cars, 21 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BJ – 0207 254 3030
  • Yellow Cars – 103 Holloway Road, N7 8LT (but happily serving N16) – 0207 700 1111
  • GS Carsnot recommended. Use Sam’s Cars next door instead.

GS Cars minicabs: A Tale of Disaster!

Quick summary (in case you’re in a hurry): GS Cars will happily leave you stranded and out of pocket if anything goes wrong. The drivers they send out are not necessarily licensed or registered with them. There are many other, better minicab services in the Stoke Newington area, including Sam’s Cars almost right next door.

So, if you’ve followed this site at all over the last eight years, you probably know that I don’t like posting negative reviews. But what GS Cars, that good old Stoke Newington minicab company, put us through, and then left us to deal with and pick up the pieces… things, or rather GS Cars, really went as low as they could! Hope you enjoy a good rant…

GS Cars minicabs in Stoke Newington put us in danger, cost us a lot of money, and refused to take responsibility

GS Cars, N16 minicabs – do not use them unless you don’t care about your life and money

Fasten your seat-belts, let’s go, and enjoy!

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Rest in Peace, Rod de’Ath

Sad news today that Rod de’Ath, local legend, and pretty much part of the furniture at the Prince, has passed away at the age of 64. Rod used to drum for Rory Gallagher back in the 1970s, until his accident that cost him an eye and caused brain damage that meant he couldn’t drum anymore.

Let’s all raise a pint to Rod the next time, and every time we’re at the Prince!

Rod de'Ath

You can read more about Rod on Wikipedia…

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Stokey Smoked Salmon

Just when you thought we had it all… along comes a man from Norway and starts offering salmon smoked in our own backyard.

Hansen Lydersen Smoked Salmon in Stoke Newington

Ole  Hansen-Lydersen has recently set up his smokehouse in Shelford Place here in Stoke Newington, carrying on a family tradition that has now lasted four generations in his native Norway. He and his wife Flora have a plan to provide London with affordable, fresh and perfectly smoked salmon, and they are off to a good start. Their salmon is delivered straight from Loch Duart in Scotland (though Norwegian salmon will be on offer in the future as well). It’s from a sustainable source, never touches plastic, never gets frozen, and (I had a chance to try some straight from the kiln) it really is divine. Continue reading

Tin-Tone’s Magical Guitars

All photos by Ben Hopper (

I’ve always loved guitars. Even though I can’t play to save my life I just can’t help but stop in front of music shops or any other collection of those beautiful shiny instruments. Imagine my surprise then to find a collection of the strangest and prettiest little guitars I have ever seen in a random window on our very own Church Street.

A selections of custom guitars at Jon Free's Tin Tone

A selections of custom guitars at Jon Free's Tin-Tone (photo by Ben Hopper)

Here lives and works Jonathan Free of Tin-Tone, who has been a musician with bands like Gin Palace, Penthouse, Country Teasers and The Cesarians for over 23 years, a live sound engineer for 10, and who has been building and repairing guitars for a very long time. The window in question is where you find his workshop, and what I found there was a little guitar magic…

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